• Z Palette Medium
  • Z Palette Medium
  • Z Palette Medium

Z Palette Medium


Z Palette Medium Magnetic Palette Black is an eco-friendly palette for storing all your favourite eye shadows, blushers and pressed powders.

Whether you are brand new to makeup or a self-proclaimed Beauty Junkie, Medium Magnetic Palette Black makes sure that everyone benefits from a little less clutter in their life.

Medium Magnetic Palette Black is extra deep, not only allowing you to store all your favourite shades but also allows you to store your make-up brushes in there as well making it perfect for those on-the-go touch ups. The universal magnetic base allows you to fit an entire face worth of makeup into the palette and is small enough to pop into your handbag, gym bag or in your desk or locker.

Magnetic stickers come with Medium Magnetic Palette Black just in case your pans don't stick to the magnetic base and if you have trouble finding your favourite powder, you can write what brand and colour the powder is on the bottom of the pan or sticker so you know exactly where to find your go-to shade.

Please note: Contents not included.